Who We Are

Galeforce TV is an independent production company producing video assets for the world’s leading distributors and broadcasters.

We produce bespoke, engaging and high-production values EPKs and digital assets that capture the audience’s imagination. And we offer TV junkets in London and film festivals (Cannes, Venice and Berlin).

We also produce arts programmes for TV and online and create, produce and deliver multi-media projects.

Our instincts for high-production values and client services have given us a strong and robust reputation within the film and TV industry.

Have a look around and if you like our innovative, no-nonsense approach, just get in touch for a chat: hello@galeforce.tv or call us on 07775 68 66 99.

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About Us

Galeforce TV was set up in 2010 by Alain Galès, who had earned a solid reputation as a creative and inspired TV producer and director over the previous 10 years. Alain has produced and directed film programmes and documentaries for the main UK terrestrial and satellite channels (MTV, BBC, Channel 4/FilmFour, Sky 1, Sci-Fi Channel).

He was later joined by Bafta-winner TV executive Zoë Dobson who brought her extensive contacts book and years of experience of creative storytelling.

Alain is a veteran of international film festivals and film sets having shot TV specials and EPKs on numerous productions, and interviewed actors and directors from arthouse names to A-list Hollywood stars.

During his years at the BBC, Alain has developed a strong editorial knowledge, a discipline to keep projects on budget and to deliver on time.

And at Channel 4/FilmFour, he acquired a strong visual style to make every programme look unique, an approach he freely pioneered at MTV –and now applies to Galeforce TV.

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